FLEX Recurve | Limb Kit

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Maximum Adaptability for an Exceptional Shooting Experience.

As Elite Archery’s first fully customizable recurve, The FLEX builds on decades of engineering success with Shootability at the forefront. Elite’s patent pending ARC (adjustable riser configuration) combined with ILF adjustment blocks bring a new level of innovation to the archery industry, while carbon fiber limbs with a bamboo core and an adjustable/removable shelf provide the archer with endless options for fine tuning.

Shipping end of June

Size: Short
Draw Weight: 30

ARC Archery Riser Configuration

Patent Pending Adjustable Riser Configuration technology gives archers the most versatility on the market in having two bows in one– a 19” or 17” riser for total length options of 58”, 60”, 62”, or 64” with short, medium or long limb options. Pocket positioning allows for more travel, aiding in tuning and adjusting, no matter the archers preferred release method. Plus, approximately 28% draw weight adjustment split between an increase and decrease from nominal with each limb option.

Linear ILF Adjustment Blocks

Ensure maximum limb string alignment for a comfortable and accurate shooting experience.

Carbon Fiber Limbs

Carbon fiber limbs with a flexible bamboo core guarantee a comfortable draw cycle with the benefit of optimal arrow speed.

Adjustable and Removable Shelf

Provides archers the adjustability to further micro tune for optimal arrow flight, accounting for various shooting styles and arrow setups, with the option to remove the shelf and use a stick-on or bolt-on rest with a plunger.