Brian Bychowski from Pine Ridge Archery | Episode 7

Brian Bychowski from Pine Ridge Archery | Episode 7

Your arrow setup is far more important than you think

Brian Bychowski from Pine Ridge Archery joins the guys on this week's episode. This week, you'll hear everything you ever wanted to know about arrow vanes and arrow setups. In addition, the gang talks about why it's important to keep an ear on how quiet your arrow setups are. 

In addition, you'll hear:

  • The most common cause of animals "ducking" the arrow
  • 4-vane versus 3-vane setups
  • Why Pine Ridge fletchings really stick to your arrow
  • How your arrow setup impacts the amount of kinetic energy and speeds your arrow holds down range
  • The differences - and causes - in CA glues and why they may not hold
  • Differences in dampening systems and the materials that make a difference
  • Setups for a guillotine-style broadhead like the Solid DCAP
  • Pine Ridge Archery's Kwik Stand bow holder and how it works - no matter where you're shooting your bow
  • Pine Ridge's incredible lineup of products:

Pine Ridge Archery has a long history (since 1997) of providing useful products to archers and bowhunters. Their focus has always been to make products that as bowhunters, they would use themselves. Since they manufacture almost all of the products in their own factory in Northern Illinois, they maintain high expectations and quality control on everything that leaves the door. Follow Pine Ridge on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or YouTube.

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