Aaron Visger from Kamp Rite | Episode 6

Aaron Visger from Kamp Rite | Episode 6

"Primitive" is so yesterday - Kamp Rite in Style

Aaron Visger, CMO of Kamp Rite shares with us how after more than 14 years after its humble beginning, Kamp-Rite maintains an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Its goal is to provide customers with quality products that promote and facilitate a “quality life.” Kamp-Rite gear combines comfort with convenience, two features that equally enhance the experiences of seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, first-time campers and backyard adventure seekers alike. Over the years, our mission has remained the same: We seek designs that are improvements on industry standards and we strive to deliver an innovative and user-friendly line of products that encourages group and solo campers to experience the beauty and blessings found in nature.

In this episode, you'll hear:

  • A quick update on the current status of how coronavirus is impacting manufacturing in California
  • Staying safe - physically and mentally - in the midst of a crisis
  • What in the world is a tent cot and how did Kamp Rite get started?
  • Backcountry camping in style with Tent Cots
  • The importance - and challenge - of illumination when you're primitive camping
  • NEW PRODUCT breakdown from Kamp Rite

Kamp Rite works hard to further their dream each year and they remain as excited about their work today as they were 14 years ago. Their commitment remains strong: they will never stop learning and will constantly strive to live up to the title of World Leader in Off-the-Ground Camping Gear. Follow Kamp Rite on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Pinterest.

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