Late Season Success! - Ep. 12
always lethal

Late Season Success! - Ep. 12

Paul Biggs hunts the late season in Oklahoma!

always lethalThe Grind - Ep. 9

The Grind - Ep. 9

Hunting Mississippi with the Small-town Hunting crew.  PART 1

always lethal2ND chances in KANSAS! - Ep. 8

2ND chances in KANSAS! - Ep. 8

Larry tries Kansas one last time!

always lethalDOUBLING IN MISSOURI - Ep. 7


Larry and Ryan doubling in their home state of Missouri.

always lethalKansas Bros! - Ep. 4

Kansas Bros! - Ep. 4

Paul and Kale Biggs head to Kansas to hopefully hit the Rut.

always lethalKnox County Whitetails! - Ep. 3

Knox County Whitetails! - Ep. 3

Larry travels to Knox County Whitetails in Missouri to hunt big whitetails.