Talking Turkey with Phillip Vanderpool | Episode 2

Talking Turkey with Phillip Vanderpool | Episode 2

Phillip Vanderpool from The Virtue TV

Talking turkey with Phillip Vanderpool, host of The Virtue TV on Carbon and YouTube. The guys discuss calling techniques and when to use certain types of calls. They talk about how to find birds, when and how to roost them, locating strategies, and much more - only on this episode of Respect the Game Podcast.

  • 2020 Whitetail Season Recap
  • Taking New Hunters to the Field
  • 2020 Turkey Season Preview
  • Tips for Taking First Time Turkey Hunters
  • Turkey Scouting Tips
  • Getting Permission to Turkey Hunt
  • Locating Strategies for the Pre-Season
  • When, Where, and Why to Use A Blind
  • Which Kind Of Turkey Call and When to Use
  • The Kinds of Vocalizations to Master For Success
  • Turkey Call Strategies and Tips
  • A Quick Demonstration From The Master Himself With Different Calls

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