Elite Pro Staff Manager Darrin Christenberry | Episode 9

Elite Pro Staff Manager Darrin Christenberry | Episode 9

At the age of eight, Darrin Christenberry pulled back the string for the first time and watched an arrow fly from a bow made with a wooden limb and a boot string. He has been building arrows and watching them fly ever since.

As far as Darrin knows, his archery career began about the time that 3-D was becoming a sport.  He had no idea indoor archery existed until 1991.  After joining a local indoor league and becoming familiar with what archery had to offer, several of the guys decided it was time to start a 3-D archery club.

Being an active member of a club had its advantages and disadvantages.  The range was close to home and being a member, he had a key to get in and see targets whenever he wanted.  After a while, only a few people decided they had time to help set the courses and maintain the property.  As his workload got a little bigger, the opportunity to work on his 3-D game increased.

Mowing the property, clearing lanes, moving targets, and trying to strategically set a challenging course helped Darrin understand the 3-D game better.  After weekend tournaments, the targets usually stayed in place for a few days until a few members had time to take them down.  Darrin would take advantage of this and spend every second he could spare studying targets with his rangefinder.  Before long, he realized he was learning a skill that would help him be a force to be reckoned with on the 3D course.

In this episode:

  • Darrin and the guys talk S.E.T. technology on the new 2020 Elite bows
  • How S.E.T. technology makes the life of the professional archer, archery shop bow tech, and the backyard bowhunter so much easier
  • How Darrin uses arrow diagnostics to help him get his rig completely dialed in
  • Bareshaft and broadhead tuning with S.E.T. technology makes life easy - and fun to get everything set just right
  • How to get fixed blade broadheads to fly straight and true - no matter what fixed head you're shooting
  • How confidence in your equipment translates to confidence in your abilities on the range - even under pressure
  • How to "read" a paper tune and a bareshaft tune
  • D-Loop and proper sizing for it
  • Choices for releases - and a quick discussion about the quality and reliability of Scott Archery products.

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